About Us

img-2738.jpgBarrister's Winemakers Michael White, Tyler Walters and Greg Lipsker

Barrister's Beginnings

The journey of Barrister Winery began as two lawyers, Greg Lipsker and Michael White, were vacationing with their families in British Columbia. En route, they stopped in a local shop to buy wine and walked out with a five-gallon Zinfandel wine making kit. 

Five gallons turned into fifty gallons, which then turned into crushing 1½ tons of grapes in Greg’s garage in 2000. Validation came when they submitted their wine to the Indy International Wine Competition and walked away with three gold medals.  Their passion ignited, they forged ahead with a mix of trial and error, conversations with local vintners, and courses at Walla Walla College. In 2001, the two lawyers decided to name their new business after the British word for lawyer and, so, Barrister Winery was launched.